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misspettigrewpicforic.jpgIf you are as saddened as I am by the waning days of summer, I have the perfect movie for you. It’s a gentle, breezy, frothy, old-fashioned story that celebrates all that was once great about the good ole’ days. I am talking about the overlooked romantic comedy “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.” With a great cast, fun premise, and happy endings all around before the film is over, it’s definitely my DVD pick for the week.

It is tough to get the tone of a bygone era just right , but this movie is pitch perfect as it takes Miss Pettigrew, an out-of-work, uptight nanny, and thrusts her into the zany, high society world of a wannabe starlet who is caught in between a man, another man, and oh, yeah, another man.
Miss Pettigrew (Frances McDormand) helps the ditzy Delysia (Amy Adams) by being a moral compass to the slightly wayward girl and , in turn , the actress inadvertently gives Miss Pettigrew an adventure of a lifetime…and something even better than that.
“Miss Pettigrew” is an entertaining reminder that it is never too late to find true love , make a new friend, or change your destiny. It’s the kind of movie that deserves to finally find an audience on DVD. It certainly is better than much of the dreck that is lingering in the Cineplex right now.
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