Idol Chatter

If Jesus came back today, which television show would be his favorite? A clue comes from Mike Zak, youth director at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in St. Charles, Ill. According to the Chicago Tribune, Zak, a fan of “Home Makeover: Extreme Edition,” asked parishioners to nominate a family that desperately needed a home renovation, and quickly settled on the Gautilles, whose son Nick has a rare genetic disorder that often robs him of the strength to walk or climb stairs. The family had actually applied to be a subject on “Home Makeover” but had been rejected.

The parish didn’t handle the entire building of a first floor living space for Nick, but they contributed $4,000 to a fund that will pay for the addition, and church members plan to create a game room for Nick and landscape around the new addition when it’s finished.
This isn’t the first time Zak has adapted a reality show for church work. In 2003 he developed “While You Were at Church,” imitating TLC’s “While You Were Out” by decorating a room in a parishioner’s home on the sly. Okay, Jesus might not have gone in for interior design, but says Zak, “You use what’s out there.”

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