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Okay, I admit it, the answer to this week’s trivia is really just another chance for me to gush about the best discovery I made all summer long: the TV series “Slings and Arrows,” which is available on DVD. When I first praised the series, I was only haIfway through the first season. I have watched all three seasons now–twice–and I am sure a third viewing is not far off.
The trivia question of the week was: Name the TV angel/ghost (depends on your point of view, in this case) who said “I know, I’ve been doing that lately, I just fade away but I don’t go away, very depressing, I wanna move on. I want my reward.”
Those words were uttered by the resident ghost/angel of the New Burbage Festival, Oliver. Oliver, the artistic director of the festival, is killed by a truck late one night (The sign on the truck said “Canada’s Best Ham”). After his death, he then appears as a mentor and as a source of irritation to Geoffrey, a former friend and co-worker who takes over the festival.
The quote above is from the touching third season when Oliver is tired of wandering in limbo but wants to officially be released into the afterlife. He believes he finds the answer to crossing over when he discovers that the actor playing King Lear is dying of cancer. In helping the actor face death, Oliver finally finds his own soul.
So now that you know the answer, treat yourself to one of the funniest and smartest shows ever written (each season is only six episodes, unfortunately) and help me start a campaign to resurrect these characters in a movie, TV special, anything!

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