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Some movie studios are wary of religious controversy hurting the promotion of their film, but Focus Features is doing everything it can to encourage that controversy when it comes to the comedy “Hamlet 2.” The movie has little to do with Shakespeare and much more to do with an actor (Steve Coogan) who becomes a loser high school drama teacher and tries to save the theater program by staging a sequel to “Hamlet.”That’s not the controversial part. In the movie, the high school musical becomes controversial for a show-stopping number called “Rock Me Sexy Jesus.” (Like I said, this movie doesn’t really have anything to do with Shakespeare.) The song has been up on Youtube, in commercials and Focus Features is even running a contest where you can submit your own “Rock Me Sexy Jesus” video to their website. (I checked some of them out and a few were actually pretty good.)I have already seen the movie, and I have my own opinion about the movie and the video– which I will save for a review when the film releases on August 22. In the meantime, you can watch the video here and discuss whether or not you think its offensive or just plain funny. (Caution: There are a couple of mild profanities in it.)

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