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Earlier this week I posted the trivia question “How many Oscar winners have planned Satan in the movies?” Though Hollywood has featured the Devil in many movies–from the ridiculous Adam Sandler comedy “Little Nicky” to the thriller “End of Days”– very few actors who have played the Prince of darkness have also won an Oscar. ( Hmm…is that a coincidence? I wonder…)
Here are the three actors who have played Lucifer and also won an Oscar.

George Burns: Yes, George Burns is actually an Oscar winner for “The Sunshine Boys.” Many movie buffs probably also know he played God, but few may remember that he also played Satan in “Oh, God, You Devil.”
Jack Nicholson: Of course, the scenery-stealing actor has played the Devil in the unforgettable “Witches of Eastwick.”
Al Pacino : In yet another forgettable film, Pacino starred with Keanu Reeves in “The Devil’s Advocate,” a modern twist on the story “The Devil and Daniel Webster.”

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