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mileycyruspicforic.jpgWhile Miley Cyrus is on the cover of the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine promoting her new album and new movie–as well as virginity and the fact that God is one of the seven things she can’t do without–I can’t say it’s been a great week for Miley in the press.
Though the Vanity Fair photo shoot scandal has died down somewhat, photos of Miley in a wet t-shirt and in some other strange poses found their way to the Internet recently. This was followed by an announcement by Katy “I Kissed a Girl” Perry that Miley is the one girl celeb she wants to smooch. And then there was the crude gesture that a tabloid report alleges she made with her finger to the paparazzi while at an amusement park.
Yes, the Disney Darling has had a very busy week, indeed, which signals to me the Miley Marketing Machine needs to take a break.

As often as Miley proclaims her well-intended desire to be a role model, I continue to feel like she is headed for a huge fall, as it seems like the number of people in Hollywood conspiring to help knock the pedestal out from under her is growing. No human being can live up to this kind of ever-increasing scrutiny– especially at 15-years-old. She will continue to make mistakes that are normal for a teenager to make and yet suffer slings and arrows as the media blows them all out of proportion.
What I am wondering is why no one in her camp has thought of the wisdom that less could be more in this case. If Miley was maybe doing fewer appearances, fewer photo shoots, and disappeared off of the red carpet for just a bit, it would actually create a healthier buzz. Before you know, we would all have had a chance to miss Miley for a change and she would have a chance to mature with a little privacy, and possibly come back into the limelight with something more substantial to share with America’s youth. I really do believe she is a strong young woman with something important to say, but I just can’t hear it over the cash registers selling Hannah Montana bed sheets and hand bags.

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