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We here at Idol Chatter been having so much fun with our top ten movie lists this summer, that we decided to go one step further and start a little trivia game. Actually, we borrowed the idea from our new resident Christian music expert Joanne Brokaw over at Gospel Soundcheck who has been running music trivia every Monday.
So for the rest of the summer, Idol Chatter bloggers will be posting a spiritually-themed trivia question right here every Wednesday with the answer to the question posted every Friday.
My trivia question for this week is: How many Oscar winners–living or dead–have played angels on the big screen? (Note: They didn’t necessarily win Oscars for playing angels, but in their careers they all played angels at some point.)
I picked this trivia question because I thought the answer would be an easy one, but as I double checked my facts and did some research, I discovered the answer wasn’t as easy as I thought!
Discuss your guesses with others in the comment box below and I will post the answer on Friday.

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