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Like fellow Beliefnet writer Joanne Brokaw over at Gospel Soundcheck I have noticed the comedy duo “God’s Pottery” who have made it to the finals of “Last Comic Standing.”At first, I was simply put off by their over-the-top mannerisms, their “Virginity Rocks” T-shirts and their weird songs such as “The Pants Come Off When The Ring Goes On.” The jokes about church community seemed a little 80s to me, but now I have to admit I’m a little puzzled and more than a little curious. Is God’s Pottery really a faux Christian comedy team–or are they truly a pair of believers who are slyly working their way to the top .At the very least, these two men have obviously grown up with a background in some kind of Christian fundamentalism. But even one of the judges questioned them in the semi-final round about whether they were being serious in their message or not. These guys never break character with so much as a nudge or a wink.If you’re not familiar with them, watch “Last Comic Standing” or check out some concert footage of a performance at my alma mater. Then let us know in the comment box below whether or not you think these guys are mocking Christianity or simply satirizing modern Christian culture.

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