guymadonnaforIC.jpg[INT: evening]
London, Ritchie/Ciccone Mansion, dinnertime. The family sits at the table.
RITCHIE: Rocco, tell your mum to pass the salt.
MADONNA: Lola, tell your father that we have an appointment to see Rabbi Berg today and he’d better be there.
ROCCO: I’ve had it with passing the salt to you two. I’m going to my wing.
LOLA: And I’ll be in my wing. And PS, mom, I’m a Buddhist. So there.
A bit overdramatized (especially toward the end, I admit it), but so is a rendering of some of the notes from this report in a British tabloid that Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie are having problems and turning to their Kabbalah rabbi for personal counseling.

Speculation the couple’s marriage is in trouble has been rife for years. Last week, Madonna’s spokesmen denied internet rumors that divorce lawyers were getting involved. But friends say the couple are leading increasingly separate lives–they have different interests; keep separate bedrooms; and rarely support each other in public. Guy most recently failed to show up to the Berlin launch of her debut as a movie director in “Filth And Wisdom.” Days later, he missed her big Oscars party and a New York fundraiser.
The source continues, “It really hurt Madonna that Guy failed to show up to these events. He just hasn’t taken as much interest as he once did in what she’s doing. Right now they’ve fallen out of love. Rav Berg’s job is to help them decide if it’s worth making a go of things.”

There are too many headlines about Guy and Madonna’s marriage for anyone to have the real word: too many anonymous sources, too many reps denying everything, etc. But with Kabbalah at the center of their relationship, perhaps their guru can help them work things out in a way that’s best for the family.

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