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Okay, so maybe it’s a little more than a week and maybe I don’t really have the authority to do this, but I am singlehandedly declaring it Vampire Week on Beliefnet. (Or, um, Vampire 10 Days? But don’t you think Vampire Week has a better ring to it? And I just can’t wait any longer–I mean, can you?) This is, of course, in honor of the approaching release (!!!) of Stephenie Meyer’s fourth and final (nooooo!) installment of the “Twilight” series, “Breaking Dawn,” on the evening of August 1, at the stroke of midnight! And I’m kind of excited about it. Can you tell?
Definition of Vampire Week: It’s kind of like Holy Week, which is the week leading up to Easter if you’re Catholic, but Vampire Week does not end with the resurrection of anyone’s savior, unless, that is, you consider getting to read about our glorious and shining hero, EDWARD once again (thank God for Edward!) rather salvific–and you might. I wouldn’t make fun of you if you did. So anyway, Vampire Week is the period of time leading up to the release of “Breaking Dawn,” and I declare it both a time of joy–when Stephenie Meyer fans can unabashedly wax on giddily about their fandom of all things “Twilight” and perhaps, even share your favorite “Twilight Imitation” novels with us (You all know what I’m talking about right? All those angsty vampire novels that have come out trying to hit the same nerve that Meyer did, but never coming close. But we’ll read them to tide us over, right?!)–and it is also a time of mourning, as we all prepare for the reality that once “Breaking Dawn” is over, once we rip through it’s pages, we are done with the series. (sniff, sniff!)

Unless, of course, Meyer finishes “Midnight Sun” which she will, of course. Because she loves all of us crazy fans very much. But I digress….
To launch Vampire Week, other than announcing it, I will give you fans important “Breaking Dawn” information. If you happen to be in NYC on the night of the release (or want to devote an exclusive trip to NYC in honor of Meyer), Stephenie Meyer will be doing an appearance at the Kodak Theater in Times Square. Blue October–one of the bands that inspires Meyer’s writing–will be giving a concert, and Meyer will be signing books. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, July 26th, at 10 a.m. They are $20. And don’t worry non-NYC people: Meyer is doing this in several cities after the NYC release.
What else you can look forward to during Vampire Week: posts about my “Top 5 B-Movie-like Twilight-Imitation Attempts” (or something catchy like that) which readers can feel free to chime in about and add their own favorites or argue with my choices; Personal advocacy for Team Edward (go Edward!)–and I want to make it clear to Team Jacob people that you are welcome to respond to any and all posts in honor of Vampire Week, even though you know not what you do, siding with Jacob and all; and then just other giddy postings about articles celebrating the approach of the book release, as well as all things-Vampire related in general. Feel free to post comments about any Meyer/”Breaking Dawn”/Edward/Bella/Jacob/Vampire sightings you find as well.
That’s all for now. Three cheers for (Stephenie Meyer) Vampire Week!
(I am assuming I am not alone in this level of dorky-ness, right? Prove me right on this one people…)

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