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andy-dick-mugshotpic.jpgThe news that comedian Andy Dick had been arrested for groping a female fan while apparently blind drunk and carrying pot sent us back to the interview he gave us five years ago, when he was starring on the sitcom “Less Than Perfect” and touting his connection with Jesus, whom he’d found in rehab.
Dick, in a bit of reckless honesty coming from a celebrity, admitted that it was easy to find Jesus in rehab–but harder to stick with his spiritual practice when he got his life back together. “When I was at my worst, I was really in contact with God, just praying with conviction to just please get me out of this,” he told Steve Lawson in 2003. “I find it harder to pray when everything is going great.”
If the spiritual realm can be said to have hard facts, this is one. Whatever faith you have, and whatever you depend on it for, it can leave you in a minute, and never faster than when you think you have everything in hand. Andy Dick is currently out on bail.

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