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ChanukahDresschosengirls.jpgWhen you think of Barbie, you think of unrealistic body proportions that create insecurity in girls and promote an unattainable and superficial beauty ideal. When you think of Bratz, you think of those enormous eyes, and a wardrobe that you’d never wish on your daughter. But now there’s a doll for Jews who are concerned with modesty, want their girls to have dolls who look like them, and who also bring a little historical context and Jewish education to the dollhouse.
Welcome to GaliGirls, which promote Jewish values and apparently, actually wearing clothes. Check out the introductory video, a cartoon by JewishRobot.
This company was brought to the attention of Idol Chatter by this post on Jezebel (of all places), where the pretty straightforward and unsnarky post itself has since been followed by dozens of comments about whether the doll is attractive, whether the books are derivative of the American Girl series, and whether or not Jews “do conversions,” as well as one comment about the weirdness of no one on “Gossip Girl” being Jewish. Ah, commenters…you make the blog world so interesting.

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