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jimjamesmymorningjacketpicf.jpgCheck out New York Times reporter Nate Chinen’s live music review of lead singer Jim James of the band My Morning Jacket who, Chinen calls, a “cheeky Shaman” and describes his music as “music to get lost in, body and soul.”
Among other things, Chinen comments:
“Mr. James obviously understands the shamanistic side of his profession, where reverence and impudence stride down the same aisle….And he welcomed adulation from the audience, basking in each full-throated singalong. By the time the band roared through its closer, “One Big Holiday,” the room had been thoroughly sanctified.”

James himself, “sounding awestruck,” Chinen reports, “pronounced the building [Radio City Music Hall] “one of the most spiritual places on earth.”
Interesting. Maybe listening to his music will have a similar result as ayahuasco….Check out Chinen’s full review by clicking here.

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