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patrickswayzepicforidolchat.jpgIn classic roles in movies from the 90s, they seemed untouchably young, virile, and sane. Mel had the eyes and that amazing, charming, mischievous smile. But Patrick had the dancer’s bod, and was the kind of guy who’d dance with a girl even if her first words were “I carried a watermelon.” But in recent years, those of us whose hearts went “ga-gung” for Gibson and Swayze watched as time altered–if not in appearance, then from within.
In March, Patrick Swayze announced that he had pancreatic cancer, and in some reports, the gravity of the illness was reported as imminently life-threatening. But according to MTV news, Swayze is back at work, despite undergoing treatment to keep the cancer in check. He’s filming an A&E drama, “The Beast,” which “sees Swayze playing an unconventional FBI agent whose failures to play by the rules makes him a target for internal affairs.” Much success and to your health, Patrick.
Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite ranting former heartthrob-turned-evangelical-anti-Semite, Mel Gibson, is also back at work, and the New York Post wonders, “HAS Hollywood forgiven Mel Gibson for his drunken anti-Semitic rant two years ago?” at the same time as they title the piece “Gibson’s Back in Business,” ruining the ending for all of us. While the piece cites one source calling Gibson a pariah, shooting for Gibson’s next film, “Edge of Darkness” is slated to start Aug. 18. When producer Graham King, who won an Oscar for “The Departed,” was asked if there was a boycott against Gibson, King said no. (More Hollywood details in the article, here.) Say what you want about Jewish Hollywood (not you, Mel), but it seems that for the moment, Mel’s not persona anti-Semitus non grata.
To sum up: Health. Forgiveness. Amen.
And no one puts these heartthrobs in a corner.

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