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selenagomezpicforic.jpgMove over Miley Cyrus, because there’s a new girl at Disney who is carving out an image as a chaste role model for teens. Selena Gomez, star of the series “Wizards of Waverly Place” has told the tabloid show “Extra” that she asked her father for a promise ring because she is promising her family and God she will not have sex before marriage.

Gomez, 15, may not have the buzz— yet—that Cyrus has, but as much as I appreciate Gomez’s moral stance, I still have to question once again, the wisdom of celebrity tweens speaking out about such private choices. In fact, the tiny cynical voice in my head that speaks up all to often lately wonders if someone managing her career at Disney or at her agency is looking at the Cyrus-Vanity Fair fiasco as the right time to hand over the good girl throne to a new starlet.

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