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As web series and other alternative outlets continue to diversify the media landscape, the Gospel Music Channel has announced that it will create original series programming for the 2008-2009 season. A sketch comedy show called “Comedy Quickies” and drama entitled “Gospel Playhouse” will be the first two series on the slte for the network. There will also be the obligatory realty series, called “Revolve!”

This move seems like a huge leap of faith in light of other second tier networks like The CW floundering miserably. The Gospel Music Channel will also have its work cut out for it because to get any real credibility they will have to prove they can overcome decades of really bad Christian television programming.
Am I the only one who vaguely remembers when CBN created a Christian soap opera for a short time? And then there was the MTV rip-off Z Music Video Network. Oh, yeah, and didn’t Carmen do a talk show once? Even the Pax Network ultimately didn’t survive on its family-friendly, evangelical-driven programming.
So here’s to hoping that the Gospel Music Channel will offer up something of substantial quality in the style of someone like Tyler Perry and steer clear of iideas like “Extreme Home Chastity: Makeover Edition” where homeschooled Christians sit around and discuss their virginity while braiding their hair.
(Or maybe the could launch my buddy Dan’s successful webseries “Jesus People” on their network if they are truly brave!)

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