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flawless_galleryposterforic.jpgIn my quest to unearth hidden movie gems this summer season, I have stumbled across a heist movie I have heard little about. In fact, heist movies aren’t really my thing, but “Flawless” out on DVD this week, is an excellent old-fashioned period mystery with a tiny bit of social commentary slipped in for good measure. Just for Michael Caine’s performance as a retiring janitor who convinces a bank manager to help rob the company where they work, I have to recommend “Flawless” as my DVD pick for this week.

In 1960s London, Caine plays Hobbs, a night janitor who has been treated poorly by the London Diamond Corporation, and Demi Moore plays Laura Quinn, a female manager back when that was a real anomaly, who has also been treated badly by the company. They form an unlikely allegiance as Hobbs convinces Quinn they should stage a small heist as vengeance. Of course, the small heist becomes a big heist and Hobbs begins to play a twisted cat and mouse game with Quinn as he uses her for more than the theft of a few diamonds.
There’s nothing high-tech about this plot, and there’s nothing flashy, crass, or violent about it either. It holds your interest by being moody, brooding, and smart. Just think of this movie as the anti “Ocean’s Eleven” and enjoy some old-fashioned escapist entertainment.

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