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ronpaulpicforic.jpgJohn McCain may have sealed the Republican nomination, but apparently libertarian Ron Paul’s supporters are not only hanging on, they are approaching his continued campaign with all the fervor of religious zealots, according to a New York Times Sunday Styles section article, “It’s Not a Campaign, It’s a Mission,” by Alex Williams.
From missionaries to young apostles, Williams evokes just about every synonym for “religious follower” in the book as he details the activities of this holdout, hold-on group of Ron Paul supporters, who think of Mr. Paul as a “political saint” of sorts. On true-believer even describes Paul as “a hero on the level of a Gandhi.”

Some supporters Williams spoke to compared themselves to evangelists, and “talked about their beliefs in spiritual terms, using phrases like ‘seeing the light,'” writes Williams. “Those who follow ‘the movement’ are termed ‘awake.’ The fact that their candidate has essentially zero chance to be president did not seem to faze them.”

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