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IndyPicforIcpostToplist.jpgI just wanted to make a few quick remarks about my wonderful, Indiana Jones movie adventure this weekend…
First of all, finally(!): the return of the true, non-stop fun, adventure flick. Whatever happened to that old-fashioned, Indiana Jones-style action adventure, I found myself wondering as I left the theater this weekend after seeing “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull“? The lighthearted kind that keeps you on the edge of your seat, but doesn’t come with an added dose of drama, darkness and depression? The last movie I can remember that felt like pure action fun was the remake of King Kong. The new Indiana Jones movie is, well, like all the old Indiana Jones movies–delightful, funny, and exciting.
Second of all, kudos to Spielberg and Lucas on managing to make a family-oriented film (literally–with Indy, long lost son, and Marion Ravenwood of “Raiders” fame) that takes Indiana’s entire family along for the ride. Is there plans for an Indiana Jr. series in the making? One has to wonder after seeing the Crystal Skull…. Plus, audiences get treated to a long overdue, sweet natured Indiana wedding at the very end.

Third and last, I just have to make one comment on the Crystal Skull plot: what amused me, as the film headed toward its climax, was the whole crystal skull set up. Basically, the crystal skull they must return to its proper place is essentially a coven of 13 alien beings, who are joined in body and consciousness in their ritual circle. Perhaps an accidental nod to Wicca? Maybe. Regardless, this Indiana Jones movie does make a nod to our society’s fascination with all things “spiritual”/paranormal of late, since this caper has countless references to psychic and paranormal phenomenon, to belief in psychic/paranormal phenomenon (Indiana professes his own belief at one moment), and has psychic/paranormal power over all of humanity as its villains’ ultimate goal.
Overall, the film is hokey, but in the best possible ways! And Harrison Ford….he doesn’t really seem to age. Gotta love him.

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