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moonlightpicforic.jpgHumans may fantasize about eternal life, rising from the dead (well, perhaps that’s a particularly Christian hope), and the kind of bodily regeneration known only to superheroes and the undead, but Mick St. John, the eighty year old vampire protagonist of “Moonlight” fantasizes about becoming human again so he can age and die like the rest of us. And maybe get the girl–the very human Beth Turner, whom he’s had his eye on since the series premier last fall.
Mick is that vampire who wouldn’t wish immortality on anyone. To him, immortality is a curse, not a blessing.

“Moonlight” returns after the writers’ strike with four new episodes this Friday, picking up where the last episode left off, where Mick found—and took—a “cure” for vampirism, albeit a temporary one. (He’s obsessed with curing his immortal plight.) From the looks of the trailers, Mick wastes no time enjoying his temporary humanity by going after lady-love Beth before his day in the sun (so to speak) runs out.
Aside from the fact that “Moonlight” is as campy as campy gets in the vampire-cheese department (so inferior to “Buffy” it’s impossible to even compare), I don’t turn down anything that smacks of the pointy-toothed undead variety, so I am happy to see the show return with new episodes and hope it will get renewed for a second season. The vampire-human love story never gets old in my book, and Mick’s obsession with humanity proves an interesting enough plotline to hook viewers like me. Will Mick like mortality?
Find out this Friday on CBS at 9 p.m.

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