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MileyCyruspicforidolchatter.jpgRemember the heady days of the new millenium when every self-respecting teen star was declaring that they were saving themselves for marriage? Now remember how you felt when it was discovered that shocker, one pop princess did not in fact remain pure until marriage?
It’s true that not many of us were really suprised that Britney and Justin Timberlake had done a little pre-marital dirty dancing; but, unfairly or not, we expect our superstars to be super human and a pall of disappointment fell over many when it was revealed to the world that Ms. Spears was no longer a virginal vixen. In the years since, the celebutantes and their numerous sex tapes haven’t even provided a pretense of purity for pop culture afficianados to indulge in.
But now, thanks to The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus, promise rings and purity pledges are back in vogue. Recently the boys showed off their promise rings to the folks at Details magazine, revealing that they are all virgins and plan to stay that way until marriage. And “Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus denied pregnancy rumors at a recent US Weekly party by announcing that she too is a virgin and plans to remain so until she weds.

Now, I’m not morally opposed to sex before marriage, and think abstinence only education is irresponsible, but it warms the cockles of my heart to hear these teen stars talking about waiting. It’s wonderful to see unjaded kids, convinced that true love is really out there. And it sets them apart from the norm, from everyday America. Here they are, these preternaturally adorable entertainers whom we put up on pedestals, and gosh darnit, don’t they deserve to be there–these pure pups; pure not in the sense that they are virgins, but rather, that they stand strong in their convictions. There’s something intrinsically enjoyable about watching such youthful idealism and perfection, or at least percieved perfection.
Sure, I find it disturbing that youngest Jonas brother Nick got his purity ring at Disney World (what won’t they market these days?) and wouldn’t be horribly surprised to find out that one of them is shacking up with an Australian supermodel. But, the Hanson brothers managed to stay virgins until marriage, if not entirely commericially relevant, so there is hope for this latest batch of purity pledging pop idols.

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