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It’s a slushy Friday here in NYC, making it extra-nice to find this bit of breaking news in my inbox:

Phil Jackson Yells At Pau Gasol’s Ch’i
Lakers head coach Phil Jackson, evidently incensed over new acquisition Pau Gasol’s inability to quickly grasp either Jackson’s complicated “triangle” offense or the ineffable fashion in which the universe moves through a man as a man moves through the universe, subjected Gasol’s ch’i to a 10-minute tirade during practice Monday. “Do you call that an exultant alignment of the third through sixth chakras? Do you? Huh? Because I don’t,” an irate Jackson said to Gasol’s primal life-energy force, his eyes fixed at a point approximately 10 inches over the bemused power forward’s head. “Is that how they reverberate in universal harmony in Memphis?”

Read the rest of the divinely inspired Onion rant here.

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