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A few weeks ago here at Idol Chatter we posted about Anonymous, a group of internet-based folks dedicated to exposing the lies of Scientology. Well, Saturday was declared an official day for protesting Scientology and according to reports by the L.A Times and E! a few hundred anonymous and not-so-anonymous protesters showed up outside the Celebrity Center–the largest of the church’s L.A. spots–to peacefully picket the church while creating awareness of the true nature of Scientology’s cultish philosophy.
For those interested in a frontline look at the protest, blogger Clayton Emmer has posted some of his conversations and photos from Saturday’s demonstration here.. There are horrifying stories from some former members of Scientology as well as a conversation with a musician who is still involved in the church.
There were also other protests in major cities around the world such as London and Sydney, because even Tom Cruise can’t be everywhere at once to stop this Scientology expose. It seems being anonymous is just as powerful as being an overpaid Hollywood celebrity after all.

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