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Shyamalan_2389.jpgNew DVD releases have provided slim pickings for anyone looking for some quality movie watching, so I have decided to go back in time and mention a little-seen but favorite movie of mine that is great viewing for the whole family. “Wide Awake” was one of director M. Night Shamalyan’s first efforts, but has very little in common with “The Sixth Sense” or his other spooky films.
Inspired by Shamalyan’s childhood in Philadelphia, this movie was still panned by critics for being too sentimental, but I love this movie‘s portrayal of childlike faith, and I encourage you to make this little gem your DVD pick of the week.
Josh is a typically inquisitive boy who is trying to survive his ambitious, yuppie family as well as the beginning of adolescence while attending parochial school. While Josh has never had much reason to question the existence of God, a family tragedy leaves him worried that God may not be real after all. His best friend at school, David, a quirky kid who happens to be Jewish, assures Josh it is true, God does not exist. A nun who loves to make baseball analogies (Rosie O’Donnell) to teach the Bible believes otherwise and tries to help Josh in his quest to find the truth.
In between Josh’s efforts to find God, he also experiences his first love, makes an unlikely new friend, and saves a life. Does he also find the answer to his burning question about whether or not God is real? Yes, he does, with a perfect Shamalayan -style twist at the end that you won’t want to miss.

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