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fridaynightlightspic.jpgJust last week, I proclaimed my renewed loyalty to “Friday Night Lights” as it righted some of its obvious wrongs from earlier in the season. I still stand by that decision, but last Friday’s episode frustrated me because it highlighted another “FNL” weakness this season: The Christian characters on the show are really boring.
Now I know Beliefnet editor Michael Kress cited Coach Eric Taylor and his wife Tami as two of the top Christian characters on TV, but their religious convictions are more implied than overtly stated. No, my beef is with what “FNL” has done lately with former sexpot cheerleader turned goody-two-shoes Lyla’s conversion, and the meek and mild Christians she has surrounded herself with. They sit clustered together in the cafeteria away from the other teens to better discuss their desire to be holy. Lyla goes to a nice megachurch where everyone is always happy from what I can see. Then Lyla falls for Christian DJ, Chris, who is always understanding, and so perfect that he feels a little sleazy.
I’m glad Lyla gave up the pom-poms, and I am not necessarily in the camp that thinks Riggins and Lyla should hook-up. However, I’d like to see Lyla–who has been through so much on the show between her ex-boyfriend’s paralysis and her parents’ divorce–ask some tough questions and do some real soul searching. I’d like to see Lyla and company do something signficant at school to fight social injustice–in Dillon and around the world. In other words, I am, once again, simply looking for television to show me Christians I might actually recognize from my own world.

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