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DavidPalmer2.jpgWe don’t often gloat here at Idol Chatter. But last week we published a post by guest blogger John Brooks, who wrote about Obama as “America’s Second Black President,” second to David Palmer, who rose to Presidential power via the powers that be at FOX, who “elected” him as the Commander in Chief during the early days of “24.” And now, the man who played David Palmer, actor Dennis Haysbert, has endorsed Obama. So let’s not call this a gloat, exactly…more like a “hey, look at that!”

Former “24” star Dennis Haysbert is backing Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama. And the actor says his character on the FOX hit is at least partly responsible for opening America’s mind to a black commander in chief, according to TV Guide.
[…]”As far as the public is concerned, it did open up their minds and their hearts a little bit to the notion that if the right man came along — I do believe Barack Obama is the right man — that a black man could be president of the United States,” Haysbert says in the January 21 issue of TV Guide (on newsstands January 17).

Life imitating art? Coincidence? Prophecy? You, as always, are the judge.

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