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Have I mentioned I am not interested in continuing the discussion over “The Golden Compass?” I’m pretty sure I have, but I have been following two critics in particular who have written on the subject at length, and they both have new articles up on the web that are excellent additions to the discussion. Critic and author Jeffrey Overstreet has a piece up over at Christianity Today in which he addresses the most frequently asked questions in regards to Pullman’s work.

But even more fascinating is Peter Chattaway’s transcript of an interview he did with Pullman. In that interview Pullman leaves no room for a “spiritual” much less “Christian” discussion of his work, and certainly pokes at least a tiny hole in fellow blogger Donna’s take on the “Dust” that is significant to Pullman’s trilogy.
Not only do I appreciate the sound reasoning in both articles, but I respect the way both men refuse to be alarmists about this movie (in fact Chattaway has some nice comments about the author) while steadfastly pointing out the logical fallacies in debating the religious controversy of this story.

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