Idol Chatter

It’s an annual tradition as firmly planted in our culture as Thanksgiving turkey, July 4 fireworks, and Barbara Walters specials: year-end best and worst lists, Top 10s, awards, and all the debates and discussions they inspire.
I love this stuff, and have been known in the past to carefully assemble my Top 10 movies and music lists all year along, debating my choices ad nauseum with myself, my friends, and the blogosphere. (This was before 2 kids and, um, anything resembling a real life.)
If you love this stuff too, join our Best of 2007 group at Beliefnet Community. We can talk about everything from summer blockbusters and American Idol to the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone and other world-changing events. What was your favorite celebrity moment? What’s the one book you’ll remember more than any other? Your best movie rental of the year? Come tell us at Best of 2007.
Note: You’ll need to create a profile at Beliefnet Community to join the group. Which you totally should have done by now anyway, ya know.

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