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chapmanmoment.jpgIf you’re driving this Thanksgiving weekend, buy and listen to Steven Curtis Chapman’s first new CD project in three years, “This Moment.” SCC fans will love and appreciate this new collection of material that combines a fresh themes and lyrics with a new expression of the easy sound that has marked his long career. This is his 16th CD project.
“Miracle of the Moment” is the kind of good vibe with a memorable hook that should start any good CD. “Broken” features the kind of transparent reflection that should mark any authentically spiritual person, and having met Steven twice and watched his career over time, I know that he lives what he’s saying (err…singing!)

Then comes the highlight on the CD which should be a humungous cross-over hit except for the way music and marketing works these days. If Chapman was a long-time country singer, “Cinderella” would be the runaway hit at the Country Music Awards, the Grammys, the American Music Awards and probably a Chevy commercial. As it is, he’ll win a Dove award for this wonderful tribute to the daughters of daddies.
The rest of the tracks are as nicely done as they are sequenced, making for a wonderful ride, or jog , or run, or iPod-accompanied activity of your choice. And what’s more, they’re the kind of uplifting lyrics that are Jesus-centered but not preachy, reflective but not somber, upbeat but not noisy.
“This Moment” could well accompany—even produce—some future defining moments in the lives of all who listen. It’s that good. And it’s worth passing on to those you love during this gift-giving season.

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