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enchantedsm.gifIf Walt Disney’s latest fairytale film “Enchanted” isn’t a star-making vehicle for actress/singer Amy Adams, then I don’t know what is. Not only does Adams shine as Giselle, the cartoon princess turned “real life” princess in this clever, very tongue and cheek take on the classic “some day my prince will come” story, but she is absolutely, positively, hilarious.

You’ve seen the trailers by now so you know the basic deal: a cartoon princess is pushed down a rabbit hole of sorts by a jealous bad witch (played by Susan Sarandon) just before she is to wed her prince. Soon, wedding gown and all, a traumatized Princess Giselle finds herself climbing out a manhole in the middle of New York City’s Time Square. Not long afterwards, her valiant prince Edward (played by a pitch-perfect James Marsden) follows suit. Cartoon characters turned real life characters are let loose throughout New York City. Hilarity and a good deal of show-stopping singing numbers ensue.
My advice: don’t let the Disney imprimatur and the family-friendly storyline keep you home from the theater, regardless of how old you really are. It’s rare that a movie that caters so obviously to even the smallest of kids (it is rated G through and through) also caters with such wit and finesse to adults, too. Children will love the talking animals, the pretty princess dresses, the fairytale story and the singing. Adults will roll in the aisles, laughing to the point of tears as Giselle (without a touch of irony) brings to life the stereotype of the Disney princess and shocks and eventually delights her real-life lawyer prince (Patrick Dempsey).
“Enchanted” is a must see. Perfect for the holiday season.

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