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What was your most meaningful angel experience?
In mid-October Beliefnet featured a contest asking the above question with two boxes of Angelic Messenger Cards by Meredith Young-Sowers as the prizes.
We were awed by your openness, honesty, and willingness to describe such personal experiences–all 116 of you who entered.
After reading the stories, Beliefnet is happy to announce the two winners who will be receiving their prizes shortly:
Shauna B. of Australia
Suzanne R. of Texas

Shauna B. of Australia shared: “I truly believe I saw angels the night my son died in December 1998. Dean was just 18 and a wonderful, friendly young man with the world at his feet. Late one evening, he collapsed in a violent seizure while [going] into his apartment to socialize with his friends and his older brother, David. [Dean] wasn’t epileptic. Nearly nine years later, I still do not know why he died….” Read more
Suzanne R. of Texas shared: “Although this happened 12 years ago, [the experience] was so profound that it lives inside me as if it happened yesterday.
I was almost eight months pregnant with my first child. I went to my doctor for a final ultrasound check up. After the ultrasound, the doctor paused with much concern on his face. He then told me that there was conclusive evidence on the ultrasound that my daughter had a defect. She would most likely to be born with cerebral palsy or mental retardation. I was overwhelmed with shock and disbelief….” Read more
We hope you will be as inspired by these angelic experiences as we are. To read more of the stories that Beliefnet readers shared, please click here.

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