It’s as riveting as it is deeply weird. It borrows musically and thematically from just about everywhere–from cowboys to klezmer to 80s Peter Gabriel videos. It’s been viewed over 754,000 times since it debuted this past weekend. It’s been “favorited” by YouTube viewers over 4200 times. Ladies and Gentlemen, the work of a true original: SoCalled, with “You Are Never Alone.”A recent press release from his record company, JDubRecords, described SoCalled (or, as his parents so called him, Josh Dolgin) as a “musician, producer, MC, writer, photographer, claymation animator, and magician.”

He lives in Montreal on a street booming with Italian cafes, Hassidic butchers, African fripperies, Polish delis, Brazilian coffee shops, and bakeries that sell hot bagels 24 hours a day. When he steps out of his apartment (crammed with over 4,000 pieces of vinyl) he overhears French, English, Spanish, Yiddish, Greek, and Haitian. And that’s the beauty of his art-SoCalled talks to people-he shares, he listens, and he’s into people being different.

Clearly.If you’re intrigued, you should also check out this video for “These Are the Good Old Days,” a song that opens with the line, “My God’s going to kick your God’s ass/You’re too dumb I’m the head of the class.”

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