On Blog Action Day, a day when bloggers around the world unite in discussing the issues surrounding caring for our planet, I thought I would remind Idol Chatter readers about some of the better “green” movies – besides the obvious and excellent choice of “An Inconvenient Truth” – that are out there on DVD.
Here are my picks for the top five environmentally-friendly movies. Be sure to let me know what other eco-conscious films I missed by posting in the comment box below!
(You can also read what some other critics picked as their choices by going here and here)

5. The Lorax: Sure, the animation is nothing spectacular, but “The Lorax” is one of Dr. Seuss’s best stories and a way for young and old to discuss how to be better stewards of our natural resources.
4. Silkwood: Meryl Streep won an Oscar for her portrayal of a woman whose life is tragically turned upside down when she blows the whistle on her employer’s toxic work conditions at a plutonium processing plant.
3. A Civil Action: This movie was truly underappeciated when it was released, and I have always liked John Travolta’s portrayal of a flashy, self-absorbed lawyer who reluctantly mounts a challenge against a greedy corporation that has poisoned the water supply in a small New England town.
2. Blue Earth: Beautiful footage shot on several space shuttle missions graphically demonstrates what we are doing to the planet Earth.
1. Who Killed the Electric Car?: Framed as a murder mystery, this documentary is a surprisingly entertaining look at the demise of the electric car. as oil companies and lobbyists placed pressure on General Motors to stop developing their prototype of a car that runs solely on electricity.

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