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JesusandJudaspicforIC.jpgHave you ever noticed that some of the world’s sexiest celebrities have made appearances in movies, and TV movies, about the Bible? Believe me, I have! I know it’s completely naive, but I tend to think about ancient religious figures as looking like replicas of the illustrated drawings from the Children’s Bible that I grew up with—not the stylish hotties that grace the cover of big-name magazines. Here are my picks for celebs who’ve brought sexy back—to the B.C. era.
10. Charlton Heston: Known for the numerous religious roles he’s played back in his pre-NRA days, Heston has portrayed John the Baptist in 1965’s “The Greatest Story Ever Told” and Moses in 1956’s “The Ten Commandments,” among other roles. And, just like “Talladega Nights”” Ricky Bobby, he liked to pray to the “baby” Jesus best (as opposed to the grown-up, bearded Jesus), I like to think of Heston only in terms of the “young sexy” Heston. I’d hate to see how the years would treat this guy if he really did live as long as Moses.
9. Will Ferrell: Speaking of “Talladega Nights,” I have to include Will Ferrell on this list, who played Jesus in 1999’s crapfest, “Superstar.” I know…I know…Ferrell isn’t exactly racking in dough for his modeling work, but this actor/comedian is one of the funniest stars out there—which in my book makes him oh, so sexified.
8. Blair Underwood: This handsome “Sex and the City” star portrayed Jesus in the 1992 short film “The Second Coming.” He also provided the voice of Jesus for the 2006 audio bible, “The Bible Experience.”
7. Monica Belluci: This gorgeous Italian actress took on the role of Jesus’ wife disciple, Mary Magdalene in Mel Gibson’s controversial 2004 movie “Passion of the Christ.”

6. Debra Messing: Though she didn’t give as much comic relief in this role as she did on “Will & Grace,” the beautiful actress starred as Mary Magdalene in 1999’s TV movie “Jesus.”
5. Johnathan Schaech: Although I’m probably the only person in America who tuned in, I don’t mind, because the so-horrible-it’s-fantastic TV movie, “Judas” re-introduced me to this studly actor who starred in “How to Make an American Quilt.” Since his role as trader Judas, he’s starred in “Road House 2: Last Call.” You can stop laughing now…
4. Jim Caviezel: I first became familiar with this holy hunk when I saw 2000’s “Frequency” but he’s probably more well know for his role as Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ.”
3. Elizabeth Hurley: There’s no denying that what this actress—who played Delila in the 1996 TV movie “Samson and Delila”—lacks in talent, she makes up for in beauty.
2. Jonathan Scarfe: I giggled throughout the TV movie “Judas” whenever Scarfe appeared as Jesus, because he always looked like he just came off of a surfboard and wanted to call Judas “dude.” I found him very endearing though—and super hot.
1. Val Kilmer: Although 2006’s “The Ten Commandments: The Musical” [see here for Beliefnet’s prior review of this “abtastic Val Kilmer musical”] gets my vote for one of the worst movies of the year, I must admit, for most of it, I simply watched Val Kilmer, who played Moses, covered my ears, and pretended I was watching him as Doc Holliday in “Tombstone.” He also voiced Moses and God in 1998’s animated movie “The Prince of Egypt.” He’s “Mos” definitely the sexiest actor to play a religious character in a movie.
OK, so who’d I miss? Post your comments below.

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