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EvanAlmightyGiveaway.jpgSo what does God look like to you? A few weeks ago, we posed this question, promising that the best 10 responses will win copies of “Evan Almighty on DVD.” More than 300 of you submitted entries, and here are our top picks. In no particular order, the winners are:

  • God has no face and has no color – until we believe in him. When we do, we see what we think he looks like. No fancy tricks, just a face that we know well, love well, and respect well. Perhaps He looks like a well loved father, brother, uncle, friend or neighbor. All we know is that He is total security personified. As for color, if we truly believe – then that is not an issue.
    — J Green

  • We are all made in the image of GOD, he looks like US. I asked my 11 year old son what he thought GOD looked like…he said he is everywhere and in everything and every living creature. He would be as bright as the brightest star, the warmest smile and the kindest eyes and you could feel the love and peace when you are near him. If he hugged you, you would never feel pain, hate, frustration or fear. … I thought that was a wonderful description.
    — Lori A

  • God looks like the homeless man, dressed in rags and dirty, wrapping the coat he found in a dumpster to a homeless child, shivering in a downtown doorway at 2 am.
    God looks like the five year old giving his sister his ice cream cone when she dropped hers.
    God looks like me, when I let the elderly man behind me in a grocery line go first.
    God looks like the divine spark of compassion in every one of us.
    — RhodaFriend

  • Whatever we need Him to be or look like, that is what He is. He would never want to scare us with something unexpected. To me, He would be a great big, tender, loving, gentle teddy bear, with open arms to wrap around me whether I am happy or sad.
    — Darlena Gordon

  • When I was a little girl, I just knew God was an old, old man with a white beard, and a big, loud voice. He was a grandfather-like figure who loved me and took care of me.
    As I grew into my teens, God came to look more like a high school teacher who held a ruler and a grade-book in His hand, as He had the power to give me good or bad grades in conduct. He was still teaching me.
    In college, God became invisible, faceless, and non-existent as I went through my rebellious stage. I wiped the memory of His face from my mind as I led an ungodly life.
    Now that I am older, God looks to me more like an old friend, one who shows the wrinkles of a life richly lived, a friend in whom I can put my trust and indeed, my very life. He has always been there for me, and his face has never changed. Instead, I have changed asindeed, we all have the power to make a change.
    God is unwavering, every faithful to us in His love for His children. Now I know that God’s face and form is simply made up of the essence of love.
    — Linda Carroll

  • GOD created man in his own image….IMAGE. We are but imperfect reflections of Him. If suppose if you take all the most beautiful aspects of every man, woman and child, construct an image out of that alone, you will have but a glimpse of what GOD may look like. We were created out of His will however and only His son bears any true similarities to the one and only God…. Remember a time when you cried out of pure joy…..or when a child does or says something beyond their age…..or when someone does something for you that you desperately need, you know, that feeling of relief and calmness. That is what I believe GOD looks like.
    — Dean Miller

  • The face of God is a kaleidoscope. Depending on the time of day, the day of year, or millennium for that matter the face of God looks different. Ultimately, it depends on the viewer. The face of God is that which he (or she) allows his (or her) creations to see at any given moment in time. For some, it’s a bearded caucasian in Charlton Hestonesque robes and Cecil B. DeMille bombast, for others, it’s George Burns or now Morgan Freeman. But for over 3000 religions to see different images of what is possibly the same entity, for some not to see the image at all, or still others not to believe an image exists or not to be sure what its existence or their own means, the face of God changes slightly every second the Earth rotates upon its axis.
    — Thomas Heald
  • God looks like LOVE … you can see Him in the mom rocking her baby, in the volunteer at the local soup kitchen, in the rain as it falls on parched land … you see Him in wisdom, in trust and in encouragement and hugs. You see Him when you close the eyes of your mind and see Him in your heart. God looks like LOVE!
    — Barb Ervin
  • When we look in the faces of ALL living things, God is what we see. When we take a moment to watch trees blowing in the wind, watch a sunrise, a sunset, rain, sleet & snow, God is what we see. When we see butterflies fluttering by, God is what we see. When we see birds instinctively flying South for Winter, God is what we see. When we witness a birth or a death, God is what we see. Everything that exist looks like God; nothing exist without Him. Knowing this, the next time we are behind an elderly driver in traffic, or in the grocery store hearing a baby scream, know that we are looking at the faces of God.
    — K. Perry-Scott

  • St. Augustine describes the nature of God as a circle whose centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere. This particular “definition” takes me into the realms and realities of the mystic. What does God look like from this plane? For me it evokes even more questions than anwers — What does infinity look like? or eternity? And where do I look to find the answers.
    The answer comes from that still small voice, that sometimes bellows from within (though mostly it is more like a whispered breath upon the ear of my heart — “I am here and there and everywhere: in the eyes of another searching soul, in the true blue dream of sky. I am in the knowing of the sun even though it is veiled behind the rain clouds.” So, personally, for me, I am blessed by being able to know that God looks like everyone and everything. And the Spirit of Guidance whispers, “Remenber to look within, deep within your own self.”
    — Mirabai Chrin

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