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Just when it seemed there could not be any more bizarre headlines to be made regarding O.J. Simpson and the unsolved murder of his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend Ron Goldman, a court order has allowed the Goldman family to acquire the majority of the publishing rights to the manuscript for “If I Did It,” Simpson’s controversial account of how he might have planned to murder Nicole Brown Simpson.
What’s more, Fred Goldman, Ron’s father, has announced he plans to publish the book and take the profits as payment for the civil suit damages the Goldman’s were rewarded years ago but never received.

Simpson’s publisher cancelled the release of the book last year after a deluge of negative publicity, but the Goldman family is now interested in publishing the book not only for the money, but according to Fred Goldman, as a way of finally obtaining justice for his son’s death. Goldman told CNN’s Paula Zahn he would probably make some additions and changes to the book, but is confident the book will be released in the future–despite protests from Nicole’s family
I can’t imagine the emotional pain and suffering the Goldmans–as well as the Browns–have endured over the years since this tragedy occurred. But I can’t help but feel as if this latest turn of events smacks more of an admittedly understandable desire for vengeance more than a desire for justice. Watching the Paula Zahn interview, I had a hard time believing this court ruling would bring Fred Goldman the peace he still seems to be desperately searching for in regards to the loss of his son.
I also couldn’t help but wonder if Goldman has thought about the fact that publishing the book will inevitably increase the harm done to two other victims of this crime–Nicole and O.J.’s children.

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