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4400_idol.jpgUSA’s “The 4400,” with its fourth summer season coming to a close, might be the most interesting show on television when it comes to exploring Christian themes. The 4400 are a group of individuals who were abducted by “the future” from many different times and places during the 20th century, and who “returned” together on a beach north of Seattle without having aged a day. And of course they have returned with some extraordinary abilities. Promicin is the chemical found in the 4400’s bloodstream that seems to give them these abilities.
As it turns out, promicin is also the X factor that could bring the end times to pass–at least if Jordan Collier has anything to say about it.

Last season we saw the “resurrection” of Jordan Collier from the dead–significant because he was once the most public face of the 4400 after their return–we also witnessed his controversial decision to pass out promicin injections to the masses so they, too, can develop special abilities. (Promicin kills 50 percent of the people who take it.) But this season Collier has emerged as a full fledged Messiah-figure, with the help of his very own prophet, Kyle Baldwin, helping craft his every move.
Kyle–who survived his promicin injection and whose “ability” is literally to be Jordan’s prophet–helped Jordan found “Promise City,” where all the 4400 and promicin-positive people are welcome. Kyle is convinced that, after an impending battle, Jordan will usher in a new promicin-positive era, at which point, they will “see the face of God.”
Hmmm. Interesting. Of course, now comes the sticky part. Jordan’s messiah complex is perhaps a bit out of hand. Rather than advise the world to wait to take promicin injections while the death risk is so high (when a test that predicts reactions to promicin is only months away), Jordan seeks an entire world of would-be martyrs, of individuals who all take promicin despite the risks because promicin is the way, even in death.
For Jordan, life and death are of secondary importance. Belief is paramount.
I’m curious what conflicts the end of this season will bring ….

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