BG-cover-artwork.jpgIf you’re a person of faith looking for a great sound that you can share with your friends and kids–or if you’re a Christian who struggles to be bold and stand up for your faith–then BarlowGirl’s “How Can We Be Silent” is for you! Buy it. Download it. Pass it on.
BarlowGirl has a look and sound that says “chick music,” and they indeed borrow much from the gritty vibe of Evanescence mixed with the pop/rock feel of Kelly Clarkson. I not only like the music, but I like their unabashed approach to presenting songs with meaning and purpose for people who are growing spiritually–and those who need to.
This is BarlowGirl’s third studio album and it’s just been released. There’s also a special edition format featuring three music videos and lots of bonus footage on DVD. “Here’s My Life” is the track that you may recognize from its June release as a single.

“I Believe in Love” is about persevering with faith even when God seems silent or when we’re enduring really hard times. “I Don’t Regret” is a proclamation of assurance for anyone who sacrifices for the sake of their faith. “Here’s My Life” has a similar message: “God I’m cryin’ out tonight, ’cause I’ve given you my life, but I’m tired and I’m missing what’s behind.”
“Keep Quiet” brazenly raises the issue of why the name of Jesus Christ is so offensive in our culture and why believers get shy about Him. “One More Round” echoes the Apostle Paul’s metaphor of fighting the good fight of faith. These are not the kind of values usually found on MTV, VH1, or downloaded front pages, but BarlowGirl is one of a number of groups hoping to change that.
And it’s not just a CD for girls, reinforced by “The Guy Song,” an exhortation for boys to become the men God created them to be.
As a father of three girls and a son–and a husband who loves enjoying really good non-cheesy Christian music with my bride–BarlowGirl’s “How Can We Be Silent” is loud, and wonderful, and a winner.

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