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borders_display.jpg Atheists in Minnesota are celebrating that their lack of belief now merits an official bookstore category. While most major bookstores have had special sections for books on Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and even the Occult for years, “endcaps” (as these displays are known in the biz) for atheism have only recently started appearing in local Borders Books stores. In addition to Minnesota, readers of the popular Pharyngula science blog have reported spotting atheism displays in Borders stores in Kentucky, Kansas, Houston, and Chicago. Some readers are also planning to petition Barnes & Noble to add similar displays.
With the recent popularity of books by Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Richard Dawkins, all of whom have spent time on bestseller lists this year, displays like this are no doubt a good marketing gimmick for Borders. But for atheists, it’s nothing short of a “miracle,” as Pharyngula described it on his blog–tongue firmly planted in cheek, no doubt.
Check out Pharyngula, for more gushing and a larger photo of the display.

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