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paris_idol.jpgIt’s a zeitgeist double-whammy, as celebutante-of-the-moment Paris Hilton is reportedly reading the best-selling, Oprah-endorsed “The Secret” while finishing out her time at a women’s jail in Lynwood, California. A Hilton representative told that “Paris is spending time reading ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Power of Now.’”
As Elliot Mintz, Hilton’s publicist, recently told InTouch Magazine: “Paris will be able to think and reflect and spend time alone to learn from the experience, because in Paris’ life she’s never alone. There’s always constant chatter around her.”
While 23 hours of solitary confinement a day offers plenty of time for contemplation, maybe Hilton would be better served reading something other than “The Secret;” a book Spirituality editor Valerie Reiss criticizes as materialistic and lacking humility while decrieing the fact that it doesn’t address the Law of Attachment–the idea on which ‘The Secret’ is based–as a means to help others. She goes on to describe it as being “about wishing ourselves fabulous.”
Hilton has been quoted as saying that she really would like to use her current experience to help others, and we all know that Paris already excels at fabulousness. So send us your ideas for self-help books from which you think Paris could really benefit.

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