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After several posts right here on Idol Chatter in the last few months begging and pleading for Chatter readers to watch the small town drama “Friday Night Lights,” it seems NBC has finally listened to me–and you. The good news is that NBC has renewed “Lights” for at least six episodes next fall, and I am sure all of you who sent comments to me saying you finally took time to give the show a chance helped NBC make that important decision!

If, for some inexplicable reason, I still haven’t convinced some of you to give the show a try, I dare you to watch last night’s season finale in reruns on Bravo or on the web and try not to be moved. That’s right, the season finale gave viewers two more reasons to love this series. First, the episode showcased the funny, healthy, honest marital relationship of Eric and Tami Taylor as they received news that they are–to their huge surprise–about to become parents again, just as Eric was to make a huge move to benefit his career. Once again, Eric and Tami chose each other over ambition and selfishness.

But even better than that, “Lights” reminded me that a show that is supposedly about football probably has the most intelligent, respectful portrayal of teenage girls currently on the tube. The ways that both the Ali/Landry romance and the Ali/Lila friendship finally materialized last night defied all the usual high school drama stereotypes.

So with “Lights” momentarily safe, I suggest Idol Chatter readers join me now in focusing our energies on devising a plan to convince NBC to bring back “Studio 60.” Suggestions, anyone?

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