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She shares her name with the holy mother, but Marie Osmond’s estranged husband is claiming that the Mormon entertainer and entrepreneur doesn’t share Mary’s maternal proclivities.

Even though Osmond and her husband of 20 years, music producer Brian Blosil, issued a joint statement saying that “Our marriage has always been a faithful one, and neither of us is assigning fault for the divorce,” it seems that Blosil isn’t having any trouble assigning the blame. According to’s Scoop, an “insider” recently told Star magazine that Blosil feels that Osmond’s ambition is to be blamed for the demise of their marriage.

In addition to her singing career, Osmond co-hosted a talk show with her brother Donny, recently judged “Celebrity Duets,” and has a doll collection and clothing line available through QVC.

“Brian told me ‘This all stems from Marie’s career,'” the source told Star. “He said, ‘Marie feels God put her in show business and that should be the most important thing in the world–that everyone should kowtow to what ever project she’s working on at the time. I think family should come first.'”

Certainly, divorce is not an ideal situation, and the Church of Latter-Day Saints does discourage the practice–though it does recognize the need for it. But the previously divorced Osmond, who has 8 children with Blosil, may be succumbing to a reality that many celebrities couples and “regular” couples face–the all-consuming career. But in Osmond’s case, perhaps an argument can be made that she is answering to a Higher Agent, as it were. The Osmonds did help turn the popular conception of Mormonism from a mysterious, polygamous religion into a squeaky clean, family-friendly faith. Perfect, populist PR.

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