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Some weeks back Idol Chatter brought you the flap over Daniel Radcliffe’s appearance in “Equus” on the London stage. Some British parents were aghast that the 17-year-old child star of the Harry Potter movie series would bare all (as his role required) and thereby risk scandalizing young Potterphiles. But at least one group of Radcliffe fans are wearing smiles thanks to his recent revelations.

Interfaith, a site that advocates Jewish practice among those of mixed Jewish heritage, reports that Radcliffe, whose mother is Jewish, is “a ‘certified tribe member’ in at least one respect.” Though Radcliffe has said in the past that he is not religious, an Interfaith Family writer claims to know “someone who saw the London stage production from a close-to-front row seat,” and confirms that “it appears he had the procedure that almost all Jewish boys have when they are eight days old.” (You fill in the blanks.)

The clincher, according to Interfaith Family, is that said surgery is ” rarely performed nowadays on English Christian boys.” We throw the question out to our readers on the British Isle: Does Interfaith Family’s claim stand up? Click here for the Interfaith Family story; scroll down past the menschy Shia LeBeouf and slinky Amanda Byrnes.

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