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Why, why, oh WHY can’t “Smallville’s” boy-Superman Clark Kent finally get it together with the love of his life, Lana Lang? Is it because the small-screen Clark must live up to the DC Comics and big-screen Clark, whose long-time love is Lois Lane? Shouldn’t small-screen boy-Clark get to shake things up a bit?

Apparently not.

I am guessing I am not alone when I express my utter frustration that, yet again, just when it seems like Clark and Lana might get their chance at the happily-ever-after fairytale, fate steps to foil their plans–this time with a doozy of a conundrum. Under threat-of-death from Lex Luther’s evil tycoon dad Lionel, Lana walked down the aisle last night to say “I do” to Lex against the dramatic background of beautiful stained-glass church windows. The only tears Lana cried were tears of sorrow, since just hours before the big vows she confessed to Clark that she was still in love with him.

On top of the Clark-Lana drama, there was, of course, the requisite Lex drama playing out as well. With the dark-sounding church organs droned eery music as guests arrived for the wedding ceremony, in the basement crypt Lex kills the man who threatens to undo his impending nuptials to Lana and stashes him in a stone tomb under the very spot where the minister will soon marry him to his beloved. How’s that for Gothic? Then just moments later, Lex washes his hands of blood, throws on his blood-stained tux and stands up to await his shattered, teary, and terrified bride meet him at the altar as the creepy organ music continues to play.

And Lex having a church wedding? What’s that all about?

I suppose there’s always divorce. One can only hope this isn’t really the end for Clark and Lana.
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