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Britney’s in and out of rehab. Everyone is still focusing on what might have happened to Anna Nicole. Maybe the media won’t notice if we adopt another kid. That’s what my more cynical side imagines the thought process might have been like for Brangelina as the couple considered adopting their third child, which they reportedly did this week, a little boy from Vietnam. (That’s in addition to little Shiloh, the daughter Jolie gave birth to last year.)

I am sure such a rush to judgment is unfair considering that Brad and Angelina did make a trip to Vietnam last Thanksgiving, and they could have unofficially started the adoption proceedings even back then. But if the couple was hoping to avoid more media scrutiny and attention–and for some people that’s a huge “if”–they have been unsuccessful once again. There are already rumors speculating about why only Jolie’s name is reportedly on the official application and who specifically is helping the actress navigate the red tape with the Vietnamese government.

Jolie has recently been quoted as saying that if she and Pitt were “going to have 10 kids, we’d like to raise them while we’re young.” So I guess this latest news means that in their goal to turn the Jolie/Pitt entourage into a walking United Nations, it’s four down, six to go.

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