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The third season “Lost” premiere opened with the most shocking five minutes since Desmond’s self-revelation about causing the plane crash. For the first time, viewers see the mid-air crash of Oceanic Flight 815 from the perspective of the Others. As we see the spectacular explosion of the plane, we also see how “the Other” half lives–in a strange “suburb” located in a grassy plain on the island. We also see the ringleader of the Others, Ben (a.k.a. Henry Gale), quickly bark out orders to his followers (Ethan and Goodwin) to infiltrate crash sites as plane survivors.

The fate of Jack, Sawyer, and Kate are also quickly revealed, each one waking up in a confined space suitable for test animals. Jack, of the analytical and scientific mind, is enclosed in a room with a glass wall, as if being prepped for probing beneath a microscope. Sawyer, primal and rough-around-the-edges, is enclosed in a rusty cage once used to house bears. Kate, walking the line between good and bad, is first granted a civilized shower, a meal, and a beautiful dress but is eventually locked up in another rusty cage across from Sawyer.

Viewers also learn more about Jack’s messy divorce from his wife, and see more of Jack’s descent to the bottom as he becomes unable to find the ability to save his marriage, his relationship with his dad, and his growing desperation for normalcy.

New characters are also introduced: (1)Juliet, the seemingly sympathetic, soft-spoken Mary-figure who tries to befriend Jack; and (2) a mysterious teenage boy who, originally locked up in the cage across from Sawyer, attempts to escape and is caught.

This third season will be tantalizing, as we discover more about the Others, who may or may not be past volunteers/test subjects for the Dharma Initiative, and more about the foreshadowed trials that will soon face Jack, Sawyer, and Kate. Plus, instead of seeing the ring leaders of the plane survivors manipulate each other out of self-interest, we’ll see the Others probe and manipulate them to get what they want…

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