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Madonna has made endless headlines this summer with her controversial crucifixion scene during her Confessions Tour. Apparently, Courtney Love is aiming for a piece of the religious action, too.

The cover image of photographer David LaChappelle’s new book, “Heaven and Hell,” in stores this November, is Courtney Love–with a large, bright halo of light surrounding her flowing, blond hair, her body draped in a familiar blue garment, her eyes turned heavenward, as a dying man, dressed only in a loincloth and resembling her late husband Kurt Cobain, lies across her lap.

A Pop Pieta, if you will. reports the following about the image:

In the image, Love strikes a Virgin Mary-like pose while cradling a doppelganger of her late husband, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Meanwhile, a baby–presumably the pair’s daughter, Frances Bean–uses alphabet blocks to spell out the title of LaChapelle’s book.

Will Love’s appearance as Mother Mary strike the same ugly chord with media and religious groups as Madonna’s crucifixion scene?

Only time will tell.

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