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The USA Network’s series “The 4400“–about a group of 4,400 people, all of whom went missing at different points in the 20th century and return together bearing special powers, not having aged a day–is about to conclude its third season this Sunday at 9pm.

What makes it worth watching? The last several episodes have seen an interesting twist–Jordan Collier, a 4400 who was essentially the leader of the group worldwide and was assassinated at the end of the second season, is back from the dead! And not only is he back, he has long flowing hair, a beard, and, apparently, was roaming around for the year he was gone prophesying in such a way that he became known to followers as “The Preacher.” And if that isn’t enough Jesus-imagery for you, during last week’s episode, the talk of the town was “Jordan Colllier’s resurrection from the dead.” Oh, and not to forget the prophesy itself: “The war for the future will be fought in the past,” which he tells anyone who will listen.

The 4400 is a gripping show in general, but I have to admit, while the Jordan Collier return is interesting for the narrative arc of the show, the Jesus business they have going on is a bit much.

Interested enough to tune in? For your viewing benefit, the USA network is airing a 4400 Season Three marathon to catch viewers up, beginning at 11 a.m. and running until 9 p.m. Sunday, when they show the finale. It has already been picked up for a fourth season, so no worries about being left hanging.

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