Idol Chatter

Pop star diva and tabloid darling Britney Spears made a surprising appearance at a minor league ball game in New Jersey last weekend–sort of. The Newark Bears hosted a “Britney Spears Safety Night,” using Britney’s numerous “oops” parenting moments–including an incident where she was driving a car with her baby in her lap–to promote car-seat safety. Any spectator could attend the event for free if they brought a baby or child aged four or under, carried a baby toy, or dressed like a baby themselves. Fans attending the ball game also had the chance to win a free car seat, courtesy of AAA.

The Bears’ creative marketing of a public-service announcement leads me to wonder what other events sports teams could dream up that would combine celebrities’ mistakes with public education. How about a Paris Hilton Abstinence Night, in which all fans would receive a chastity belt? Or a Lindsay Lohan Alcohol Free/Boss Appreciation Night?

And here I thought we couldn’t learn anything from celebrities.

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