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A new reality show debuting this fall on the LOGO network has given “niche marketing” a whole new meaning. “Jacob and Joshua: Nemesis Rising” follows the two J-named boys, 20-something twins from Montana, as they pursue a music career (their band’s name is Nemesis). The story gets wilder: not only are the twins photogenic, they’re both homosexual and were raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses. As Jehovah’s Witnesses, they follow a proud musical tradition: all the Jackson kids were brought up in the religion, and Prince still considers himself a member of the church.

A major component of the show, according to LOGO’s official blog, will be that “the pair, raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses, have to deal with whether or not to come out to their religious family.” One assumes that they decided to do just that–come out to their family–or else grandma and grandpa are in for a big surprise when they sit down to proudly watch the twins’ new TV show.

How to tell the Miller twins apart: Josh has dark hair; Jacob is a blond. Jacob has a long-term boyfriend; Josh is single. They bear a strong similarity to Evan and Jaron, the Orthodox Jewish twins who refuse to perform on Friday nights, the Jewish Sabbath. Musically, Nemesis also falls into the Evan and Jaron genre of poppy, rock-inspired ballads about relationships. Will a random radio listener be able to tell that the songs are about guys? And, more importantly, will they care?

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